'Greatest' Magazine at Above The Clouds Store

GOAT have been leading the online sneaker resale world and are introducing a new lifestyle publication that isn't just about sneakers but will feature all aspects of street and popular culture. Touching on art, fashion, music and media. 

What makes Greatest stand out from the rest is that it is focusing on who makes the culture what it is, and gives a personal touch to the best of what the world provides. 

Issue 1 Features creatatives such as The Shoe Surgeon, who is known to be the forerunner in the 1/1 sneaker customisation world, creating masterpieces by hand.


The spotlight of the Issue is on Jerry Lorenzo and his work in the fashion world with his brand 'Fear Of God'. How he started it, where is is going and the thought process behind making himself a household name in the fashion world. 

Printed on premium paper, this 150 page testament to creativity is sure to be one you will want to read front to back. Again and again.

If you are looking for something that will drive you creatively, show you that anyone can make it if they put their mind to it or just look at some amazing photography in some of the best settings by some of the best photographers in the world pick up a copy of Greatest now exclusively at Above The Clouds Store in Australia.

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