How To Style Mens Jewellery with Cameron Studio

It is almost a weekend ritual that a passing male shopper happens across our accessories cabinet, lined and glistening with Cameron Studio Silver and Monokel Eyewear. He turns to us and asks “I have never been a jewellery guy, how do I start or get into it, what should I start with?”

The answer to that question: is anyway you like.

However, that answer would not be much help to a mens accessory novice. Let's allow Melbourne Based Cameron Studio give us some direction with their most recent Patina Collection, as well as highlights from their Core and IV collections.

One. Keep it simple, silly. 
The first step when embarking on your jewellery journey is to start small with a ring that can be positioned on any finger. Starting with a ring is an easy way to take a deep dive into silver, it is a staple jewellery piece. It also has the flexibility to be moved around to a finger you feel most comfortable with when first getting familiar with accessorising.

Dint texture signet ring silver, Cameron Studio.

Two. Double Up
Once you are feeling comfortable with one ring, adding a second on the other hand allows for across the board bling. It keeps balance across the hands instead of stacking all your rings on one.

Thick Link Ring Silver & Two Link Band Silver, Cameron Studio.

Three. Protect Ya Neck
If you prefer to opt for a hands-free, you can accessories up top with a necklace or pendant. The Cameron Studio Box necklace is part of the Patina Collection and works with almost about anything. Chains like these work perfectly hidden under a t-shirt, for some subtle silver that doesn’t take away from a print tee. Alternatively, layered over a white tee, as pictured below adds to a layered look.

For jewellery and style enthusiasts, much of the appeal of the chain comes from its length and where it falls onto a tee or button-up shirt. The Astoria necklace is a staple and is available it 50 and 55 cm lengths that work well with any preference.

Box Chain Necklace & Astoria Necklace, Cameron Studio.

Four. Wrist and Ring
With more detailed rings such as the Black Hole ring, we recommend that you keep your wrists simple and let each piece shine for itself. The West Coast, or ID Curb bracelet allows for layering on the hands and wrist without looking over-the-top.

West Coast Bracelet & Black Hole Ring, Cameron Studio.

Cameron Studio is an Australian lifestyle jewellery brand based in Melbourne, Victoria. It is a brand renowned for their minimal style with clean lines and timeless silhouettes.

All pieces stocked at Above the Clouds are produced in 925 Sterling Silver. All rings and pendants are made in Melbourne, while their chains are made in Italy. Shop their pieces here

Images courtesy of Cameron Studio

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