Introducing the V-10 Vegan

Corn waste is the future of vegan leather.

With environmental awareness on the rise, the production of ecologically friendly sneakers has been a significant talking point amongst sneaker producers and buyers.

Our latest arrival from Veja, the V-10 Vegan is the answer to how sneaker brands can produce equally durable, aesthetic and biodegradable footwear. Originating in 2005, French footwear brand Veja is globally known for their commitment to transparency and sustainability in the products they create. For example, the rubber for the panelling and outsoles of their sneakers are produced in Brazil from rubber from the Amazonian rainforest.



However, their most recent development has challenged the way that we consider leather manufacturing. The upper of the V-10 Vegan is created from a material called C.W.L, a textile that began development five years ago and is now produced in Italy. C.W.L is made from a coated canvas that is composed of 50% resin from the corn waste industry and polyurethane (artificial leather material). According to the brand, C.W.L is 63% more biodegradable than natural leather, easier to keep clean as well as being smooth and more durable. The V-10’s panels and upper is made from C.W.L. The logo and soles are made from rubber sourced from the Amazonian rainforest, and the lining is made from organic cotton and polyester blend. The thoughtful construction of this vegan shoe makes Veja’s V-10 Vegan a no-guilt purchase for your next sneaker cop. Veja’s V-10 Vegan is available in an all white colour way in both mens and womens sizes.

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