Latch onto layers for Autumn Winter

As we ramp up to our second month of social distancing in Australia, it feels as though Autumn has come and gone, with the only change being a slight increase to our air conditioning settings and the occasional hoodie worn for the coffee and supermarket run.

But, with the light at the end of the tunnel looking closer, it is time to excavate the long sleeve tees and pants from our closets - who are still clutching to any memory of what the freedom of summer felt like.

It's time to let the shorts go and gear up for the coming winter season - because why shouldn't you come out of quarantine with some big fits?

Here are our Autumn/ Winter layering selects that feature our latest deliveries from Aimé Leon Dore, Harmony, CLOT, Thisisneverthat and more.



 Aimé Leon Dore & Harmony Paris 

From Queens to Paris, this smart casual look is versatile enough to be worn for online meetings or a corporate lunch. Aimé Leon Dore knitwear is comfortable and warm, while the Harmony Oxford Shirts are flexible enough to be worn casually or formally. 



The Clot Leopard Relaxed Gui Jacket is fun and adds a layer of texture and pattern to every fit. It is quilted for warmth, and can be layered easily over a white or neutral tee with corduroys like these Stan Ray painter pants. Mix prints with this Gramicci cross-body shopper bag. 



Knitwear is an essential. The Thisisneverthat E/T Logo Cardigan is easily layered over top of the Stan Ray Tony Shirt, or any other patterned or coloured shirt. Stan Ray painter pants are a go-to for your everyday winter wardrobe and have a break that falls perfectly over almost every sneaker. 



Staple menswear cuts are everything for C.P. Company. Their lightweight, terry-lined sweatshirts such as the one pictured above in spicy orange works well under any black or navy outerwear piece such as their Raso C-P Goggle Jacket.


Winter is the season for layered, luxurious fits. Shop our latest winter arrivals here, and keep up with more fit guides here


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