Welcoming Club 75 to the family

Club 75 is the culmination of the three geniuses in their respective fields,
Pedro "Busy P" Winter, Michael Dupouy and So-Me.

Busy P. DJ, manager and producer, he is renowned around the world for his musical flair and dancing skills. international DJ. Busy P created his own label, Ed Banger records in 2003, hosting the likes of Justice, Dj Mehdi, Breakbot, Mr Oizo and a few others.

Michael Dupouy founded his communication agency, La MJC, back in 2001. Expert and creative design authority in sub-cultures, he is the author and publisher of world famous cultural bible, All Gone, a rich and comprehensive yearly book with main purpose to document and pay tribute to the finest of street culture.

Last but not least, Bertrand "So-Me" de Langeron, long time Busy P collaborator. He is in charge of all graphics at Club 75. Art director extraordinaire, illustrator. He published his first photo book called"Travail Famille Party", and directed music videos for the likes of Justice, Kanye West, MGMT, Major Lazer and many more.

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