Porter-Yoshida & Co

Tanker L Briefcase Sage Green


Since being introduced in 1983, PORTER's synonymous "TANKER" series uses an original fabric developed with the motif of the US Air Force flight jacket "MA-1".

This Tanker L Briefcase Bag is slightly larger than the Tanker S Briefcase. It is durable and suitable for work and everyday wear. Made with a three-layer fabric of nylon twill, taffeta and cotton polyester, this bag has a light and soft feel.  This bag can store B4 size documents and has a round handle that is lightweight and easy to grip. 

  • 2 Exterior Pockets, 3 interior pockets. 
  • Zip closure
  • W: 480mm / H: 350mm / D: 0mm
  • Weight - 460g

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