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Vivienne Westwood Gel-Kayano 27 DE Lichen Green | Ox Brown

$295 $370

The new ASICS X VIVIENNE WESTWOOD GEL-KAYANO™ 27 sneaker is a deconstructed pair that was inspired by a previous Vivienne Westwood x ASICS release, the 'sack shoes' that first showed up in Vivienne Westwood's third Buffalo/Nostalgia of Mud/the Worlds End collection in 1982.

This pair features a colourblocked upper, with the remains of the netting that was featured in the previous releases. A ripstop upper, with hiking inspired laces and Vivienne Westwood branding across the ASICS Tiger Stripes.

Back in 1982, Vivienne Westwood’s creation went beyond the youthful and restless punk in England, and was expanded with a global vision. Inheriting the brand’s second Savage collection inspired by Native American clothing, the new season has drawn inspiration from exotic civilizations such as Jamaican Rastafari, Dominican Republic, Peru, New Guinea, and African tribes. Sack shoes are derived from a footwear style featuring a whole piece of leather to wrap feet, and are also associated to the way of cargo loading used in maritime trade during the W colonial period, echoing the brand's Victorian world view at the time.


  • Sizing is in MENS US Size. To convert to womens sizes add +1.5. For example. US 4 = Womens US 5.5.

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