Wacko Maria OG Authentic LX Baby Blue Records

$50 $160

Vault by Vans is dedicated to enabling creative expression and uplifting craftsmanship, so it was obvious to partner with Wacko Maria, a Japanese fashion brand known for its high-quality materials and artistic drive established in 2005 by Atsuhiko Mori.

 Founded in Tokyo with the philosophy “music is the trigger of imaginations” Wacko Maria draws additional inspiration from film and art. Their collections are known for originality with a focus on craft and detail. Mori’s first business venture was a bar called Rock Steady and his love for music remains at the core of the Wacko Maria brand. Like Vans, music, art and street culture are at the heart of everything Wacko Maria does, influencing seasonal direction and brand tonality.

This season, Vault by Vans and Wacko Maria partner to introduce two special product drops, one in March and the other to follow later in the season. The brand brings its unique aesthetic to Vans’ first footwear silhouette, the Authentic, with a repeating vinyl record pattern that incorporates Vans’ iconic Checkerboard print on the lateral and medial. A black vamp, black contrast piping and a black heel stripe enhance the design, while giving it a touch of pop art flair. The collection introduces the OG Authentic LX in three colourways including baby blue, light pink and white.

Wacko Maria expresses itself through patterns and traditional Japanese-inspired graphics, while encompassing vinyl culture, film and art.



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