adidas Originals

ZX 1000C White | Blue | Black

$100 $180

In 1984, adidas Originals foudned the ZX program that was made to cater to the needs of runners of all abilities.


With the indroduction of ZX, adidas brought in new technology such as the iconic Torsion.

In 2020, adidas has wanted to celebrate the ZX range by bringing out a collection of limited collaborations and retros, such as the ZX 1000C which is a throwback to the 80s era ZX models. A-ZX program follows in this vein, marking the beginning of a new retro-running chapter for adidas.


Featuring a microsuede upper, with retro nylon paneling. Torsion tech in the midsole for confort, and a retro style label and dubrae.

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