Aries Pays Homage To Subcultures And Individuality In First Drop At Above The Clouds.

We welcome the anti-fashion, fashion brand that salutes individuality, serendipity and un-predictability. 

London based label Aries has just arrived at Above The Clouds for its January 'No Problemo' capsule in its most true-to-self and unapologetic style. Founded in 2012 by Rome-native and Central St. Martins alumni Safia Prantera. Aries is a brand like no other. Namely, for its ability to remind us that individuality, counter-cultures and humanity remain at the forefront what inspires fashion today. 

From starting their collections in 2012 as a womenswear brand inspired by iconic British menswear and  classic brands like Stone Island, Aries balances a serendipitous mix of respect to the peoples and histories who inspire fashion and attentiveness to the people who wear their collections today. 

Tie-dye sweatshirts, tees and pants are hard to miss amongst Aries’ Temple and No Problemo collections. According to the brand, ‘Tie-dye is part of our anatomy, a multi-coloured sinew that holds us together’. This reasoning stems from the importance of tie-dye for different cultures, new and old. From its practice in Peru in 800 AD and Japanese Shibori 6000 years ago, to being the uniform of anti-standardisation, anti-mass production hippies in the 1960s and London ravers in the ‘90s. Aries pays homage to the historical richness, class and wealth transcendent nature of tie-dye. 

By having 90% of its products made in Italy, Aries extends their consciousness of human connection to clothing. All Aries tie-dye products are made in small batches hand-dyed by Italian tie-dye artists and are intended to transcend life beyond the retail space and age on the wearer. Aries describes their factory one ‘where people feel a responsibility and connection to the item they are making’ - a calling to the generations of Japanese, Peruvian and Italian tie-dye artists who have shaped what tie-dye means today. 

Explore Above The Clouds’ first Aries collection in-store or here. Or check new streetwear arrivals here. 
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