Ferrari’s, dirt-bikes and healthy living: Inside the world of Antwerp’s Denise Rein.

Based out of Antwerp, Belgium, Denise Rein is the brainchild of creative studio Uber and Kosher.

Headed by Deborah Bloeman and Martin Vogelaers, Uber and Kosher is a creative studio known for their original, striking and offbeat aesthetics. Their project archive boasts creative direction for street culture entities such as Travis Scott, Gucci Mane, Carhartt WIP, adidas and 107 A L Y X 9SM.

With a plethora of creative work behind them, the founders have come together to present their new label Denise Rein, whose first drop releases today at ATC. 

Denise Rein is a label that combines references from motorsport aesthetics, the 80s and 90s lifestyle and finally an Antwerp-specific street style that acts as a baseline for their silhouettes and designs. 

Their Instagram takes reference images straight from the 80s, 90s and 00s combines then with branded graphics and text, as well as their photography in a mix of digital and film formats. 

With deep connections in the streetwear industry that predate the brands first season, Denise Rein flaunts several collaborations in their first drop with industry giants including Los AngelesTotal Luxury Spa, Brussels’ SMETS, Antwerp’s Vier and ParisRombaut. These collaborations go to show Denise Reins promising future in the fashion macrocosm. 

Stand out pieces from their first drop at Above the Clouds include a white long sleeve with slime-colour Denise Rein branded logo on the front and back that takes reference from the over the top, chunky text seen on Motorsport advertising.  

A health and lifestyle inspired long sleeve tee features a dolphin print as well as striking text and graphics. 

Denise Rein drops their first collection on the 23 July at Above the Clouds. In the meantime, to keep updated on new releases, drop information and fashion news, follow @abovethecloudsstore on Instagram and subscribe to receive weekly updates on new arrivals straight to your inbox. 

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