CLOTTEE awakens nostalgic yum cha memories in SP20 ‘Dim Sum Collection’

Prawn, pork, sesame, chicken, yelling, laughing, sizzling. The Yum Cha experience is a symphony of organised chaos, grounded in deep and intricate cultural roots. 

In celebration of the rich cultural heritage that Yum Cha embodies, CLOTTEE by CLOT introduces their ‘Dim Sum Collection’ for SP 20. 

The Dim Sum Collection takes iconic symbols of the shared dining experience and presents them using brightly coloured graphics on streetwear staples.

Naturally, the red, black and white colour palette manifest the notion of luck and stay true to its Hong Kong origins and the atmosphere of the Cantonese brunch. 

Quintessential dishes such as Har Gow, Siu Mai and Chicken feet are screen-printed front and centre high quality, heavyweight cotton t-shirts. These tees are finished with signature Clottee branding on the front. 

However, the standout piece of the collection is the ‘Dim Sum Shirt’. Where the nostalgic pattern of the yum cha ordering pads is foregrounded by a repeated print of classic yum cha dishes such as rice noodles, prawn dumplings and fried turnip cake. 

To finish, CLOTTEE references familiar motifs from dim sum markets such as the dragon, phoenix as well as the order-stamp-turned CLOTTEE logo that is printed on the same high-quality garments in red and black. 

The Dim Sum collection is available now in-store and online at Above the Clouds. 

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