Jaden Smith calls on youth rebellion and chaotic energy with FW21 season ‘Untitled’.

Creative collective MSFTSrep reference skate, surf and snowboarding culture with collection designed to raise the consciousness of humanity through art and science

Followers of singer, actor and designer Jaden Smith will be well aware of his passion for elevating human consciousness and dissecting the human experience. His latest project, MSFTSrep, which has just launched at Above the Clouds, has done just that with a collection designed to change the way we see clothes through art, philosophy and science.

Co-founded with his sister, Willow Smith, Moises Arias and ¿TÉO?, MSFTSrep comprises a collective of youth looking to make, and design and wear clothes that encapsulates the essence of being a misfit: rebellious, eclectic and multi-dimensional. Ten years in the making, Smith unveiled MSFTSrep’s FW21 season in March earlier this year at Pitti Uomo. Dubbed ‘Untitled’, the Fall/Winter season narrows closely on themes of youth rebellion and gender-neutral dressing. It incorporates key skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing elements to present a unique and authentic experience of the misfit lifestyle while remaining functional and dynamic at heart.

The collection as a whole is littered with print graphics taken from chaos dynamics and anti-gravity theory. An ‘F U’ to what is considered normal and stripping back to science, philosophy and history. The stuff that makes up our DNA as humans. Puffer jackets, knitwear, jeans and trucker jackets see colourful anti-gravity theory diagrams plastered in all-over prints. Large printed tote bags made from eco-friendly leather make an easy transition into formal wear, while middle finger graphics call on disobedience against the norm.

At the same time, snow-ready gear makes an appearance with printed ski masks and scarves. Smith tells Pitti Uomo, “Snowboarders are among the most stylish people I know. I also wanted them to have the same style of dressing that they wear on the snow”.

You can explore the entire MSFTSrep collection online at Above the Clouds here.

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