Reception Visits Jazz, Blues & Soul Bar for High Summer 21 ‘JBS’ capsule.

The french label brings Mayumi Yamase on board for a collection designed to illuminate one of Shibuya’s most loved subcultural enclaves.

Parisian label Reception has continued their ongoing venture to shine a light on iconic venues and eateries around the globe with their latest High Summer ’21 made in honour of Shibuya’s Jazz, Blues & Soul Bar.

Jazz, Blues & Soul Bar, or as locals know it as ‘JBS’, is a small jazz café nestled within the Shibuya suburb of Tokyo. With walls lined with over 10 000 records, JBS houses an array of vintage and contemporary Jazz vinyl records. At the same time, the owner, Kobayashi-san, has become an icon for local music fans and travellers alike. Working seven days a week, pouring coffee, tea, beer and spirits from morning to night, the Reception team ventured to Toyko to meet the owner and set the mood for their lookbook - photographing Kobayashi-san moving fluidly and joyfully throughout the bar, dressed head to toe in the High Summer 21 season.

This capsule sees contribution from famed Japanese artist Mayumi Yamase, known for her colourful, organic style of painting, sculpture and recent collaborations with powerhouses such as Nike and Comme Des Garçons. Inspired by the ‘hands-on (literally!) nature of vinyl records, the JBS collection sees a soft palette of sky blue, yellows, greens and soft oranges with delicate appliqué of painterly prints. With Yamase’s watercolour artwork seen atop soft-crepe bowling shirts, tees and accessories (including a JBS printed record slip mat), the collection embodies the eternally youthful and joyous aura that JBS and Kobayashi-san represent.

“If you know, you know! But if you don’t, we are happy to share it with you, and hopefully one day you will discover this unique place which inspired so many people (including us) over the last 18 years.” - Reception Clothing.

The Reception JBS Collection arrives in-store and online today. You can shop the entire Reception brand here and browse through new arrivals here.

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