Shopping sustainably matters. Here is how to make it uncomplicated.

Four brands who make the art of buying eco-friendly an unthinkable practice. 

Shopping sustainably matters now more than ever. Last year, the Australian Bureau of Statistics announced that Australians send an average of 23 kilograms of textile waste to landfill a year, while 800 000 tonnes of textile waste is generated in Australia yearly.

This makes shopping a challenge for us jawn devotees, as it often feels like we can’t go a week, let alone a month, without indulging in a new tee or change of wardrobe as the seasons roll around. But as we slowly become more aware of the textile industry’s impact on the climate, *cough* 4% of global climate-warming emissions. It is comforting to know that a young force of designers promise positive climate impacts with each delivery they offer and setting the stage for what the future of fashion holds.

It’s all easier said than done, though, and truth be told, many ~sustainable~ brands are often overlooked for their out of date design or the unthinkable price tag. However, as we think toward the future, compostable, recyclable and undoubtedly fashionable menswear gems can be excavated from the masses of clothing we see daily. With brands such as Copenhagen’s Division, London’s Satta, Montreal’s Eden Power Corp and Patagonia (duh), shopping sustainably is not such a gruelling task.

Often the first place to look for a new garm that won’t hurt the earth is to look vintage; however, digging through endless bins of pre-worn clothes can often be disheartening. Young Danish designers Nanna and Simon Wick of (Di)vision simplify this process and produce contemporary, and boundary-pushing takes on re-purposed vintage clothing straight from their Copenhagen studio.

Satta’s devotion to the planet lies in their brand mentality just as much as in their garment production. The brand name, popularised by The Abyssinians’ ‘Satta Massagana’ reggae album quite literally translates to ‘Give Thanks’ in the Ethiopian Amharic language. At the forefront of Satta’s approach to their clothing is facilitating connection to the natural world and embodying simplicity, functionality and sustainability.

Eden Power Corp
Nothing embodies an eco-friendly, utopian world like Eden Power Corp. From their collections making statements about ocean acidification and celebrating plant-based nutrition, renewable energy and natural wine (naturally), Eden Power Corp re-conceptualises contemporary sustainable fashion. To top it off, their partnership with the Eden Reforestation project - which plants 20 trees for every garment sold ensures that their business remains environmentally positive.

From its birth, Patagonia’s roots lie in driving ethical and sustainable consumerism from their production methods straight to their garment disposal methods. While their products are synonymous with heading ethical or controversial political statements (think their recent’ Vote the assholes out’ movement), the brand is now just as widely celebrated by GORP enthusiasts and vintage collectors alike. Nothing beats the inseam of a 5-inch baggie, of the pillowy goodness of a Classic Retro-X Jacket.

@ Patagonia

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