Tokyo’s BEAMS PLUS reminds us of their Ivy League roots with FW21 Season.

Vintage military, sport and collegiate styles bring us to the Golden Age of Ivy-League colleges. 

Since 1976, Tokyo's favourite retailer, BEAMS, has anchored its influences and style in the ever-loved American Ivy League Style. This style has come to represent the prestigious atmosphere of American Ivy League universities during the US' Post-War Golden Age. A symbol of the American dream, youth and freedom. Tokyo's youth idolised this style and sought to replicate the American lifestyles captured on TV. The Ivy League style blended the bourgeois with sports style and elements of prep-style. Tokyo's BEAMS and BEAMS PLUS brought Ivy League to the main stage of Japanese retail and back into the eyes of the American public. 

Backed by over twenty years of experience engineering how we interpret modern 'trad' menswear, Tokyo's BEAMS PLUS has returned for the FW21 season, putting a new spin on prep-style while staying true to a history of heritage and authenticity.

Borrowing the spirit of classic US Ivy League style ingrained into the trad menswear imagination thanks to the book 'Take Ivy' (1965), Beams Plus presents another modern spin this season on traditional western and military silhouette, material and function. 

With a handful of pillars to guide the season, this delivery, we see a particular emphasis on patchwork, panelling, jacquard knitwear and sweaters. Paisley patterned shirting wriggles its way back into the collection after a cameo in the SS21 season. Highlighting the colour of the season, brown, staff picks from the collection include this Striped knit Polo in brown, this open collar paisley shirt that features unique patchwork panelling atop classic military-style shirting. BEAMS PLUS continues the theme of mixed print and patchwork with accessories like this Jungle hat in classic mix patchwork. Finally, our favourite Two Pleats Chinos return, designed with flawless tailoring, precision and Japanese-standard attention to detail. 

 Since the beginning, the BEAMS PLUS has embraced the beauty of heritage styles, moods and feelings from the US' most prestigious university campus'. Quite literally replicating their dorms at their Tokyo atelier in the 1970s to give Tokyo natives a taste of campus life. BEAMS PLUS captures the essence of Western University and Ivy-League lifestyles, flips it on its head, and serves it back to us in a collection of impeccable shirting, knitwear and tailoring. Expertly designed with recognisable Japanese sensibility and tailored to the modern man looking to live the joys of America's Golden Age.

Tokyo's BEAMS PLUS FW21 season is now available online. You can shop the full range here

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