Transcending Place And Time With 19-69

Let your senses take you to the revolutionary crossroads of culture.

Encapsulated by their brand maxim of bottling counter-culture’, the scent of a 19-69 fragrance transports you into a new place in time that represents the crossroads of culture as we know it today. 

First showcased at Colette, Paris in 2017 by owner John Bergelin, 19-69 fragrances exhibit an enlightened approach to the cosmetic industry that could not be more relevant in today’s climate. 

Born in 1969, this liberal approach to cosmetics was inspired by Bergelin’s youth in the 1980s. He says ’Gender boundaries were pushed, and even male rock stars wore makeup. I was mesmerised by the possibility of affecting and changing a person’s appearance. Then as now, it was clear to me that beauty is a form of art’ (19-69).

Each fragrance created by 19-69 tells a story through a blend of ingredients that characterise the ambience of each counter-culture. You can quite literally smell the experience of individuals at the forefront of cultural revolution. 

Their newest fragrances released this week at Above the Clouds extract experiences from across the globe. 

Miami Blue is dedicated to Miami in the 1980s - a metropolis with deep roots in art and cultural diversity, surrounded by sunshine, white sand and ocean. Referred to as ‘Paradise Lost’ when champagne baths were on the charts, this fragrance takes inspiration from the TV Show Miami vice and Hotel Mutiny. The scent is fresh and aquatic. Fragrance notes include Lemon, Ginger and Cocaine Accord.

Invisible Post is inspired by the 1967 phenomenon of Summer of Love and the hippie trails of the 1960s. A cultural earthquake determined to trash the previous generation’s old values and embrace a new consciousness of freedom, sex, drugs and rock’n’roll. This scent is equally bright as it is woody. Fragrance notes include green fig, Black Currant and Virginian Cedarwood. 

La Habana is based on a sailor’s reminiscence of Cuba before the revolution and the islands golden musical period between the 1930s and 1950s. The rhythmic pulsations of Habanera, Latin Jazz and Salsa that were heard everywhere coupled with the dazzling showgirls, added to the tropical island’s allure. The scent is aromatic and smokey. Fragrance notes include saffron, incense resinoid and Laotian oud. 

You can shop all 19-69 fragrances here, or browse more accessory arrivals here. 

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