Celebrating Climate Consciousness, Craftsmanship and Comfortable Clothing with London's Story Mfg.


Story Mfg arrives at ATC with their Spring Summer 21 ‘Fil Mish-Mish’ collection. 

In time for their Spring Summer 21 delivery, Story Mfg has arrived at Above the Clouds. Joining the armoury of like-minded, earth and humankind conscious brands - Story Mfg delivers clothing that helps change the fashion industry for the better and shows that being considerate and kind (to people and the planet) is not only essential but an enormous strength. 

Based in London, the husband and wife duo Saeed and Katy Al-Rubeyi began the Story Mfg project eight years ago by accident. From creating an iPhone-notes checklist of qualities they looked for in their ideal brand, such as being organic, uniquely textural, handmade and sustainable. The duo shortly began discussing their project and one-off pieces on The Raw Denim and Male Fashion Advice subreddits. Nearly a decade later, Story Mfg sees its collections housed in the best retailers worldwide while staying true to their humble roots of producing light-hearted, earth-healing and socially activating garments for men and women.  

The Spring Summer 21 collection titled ‘Fil mish-mish’ - an Arabic phrase that translates to “in the time of the apricots” (similar to the English term ‘when pigs fly’) calls on the whimsical and hopeful persona of the Story Mfg brand. The title not only accurately describes the joyously juvenile, youthful aesthetic of the brand, but similarly their future-forward hermeneutic to better the earth and celebrate the hard-working people who fuel fashion production.

Dubbed ‘The Positive Product Manifesto’, the duo pride themselves on placing their beliefs at the forefront of all practices, ensuring their products and processes reflect this ethos. The Manifesto confirms their commitment to being ambassadors of craft, keeping niche artisan practices alive; maintaining a zero to positive climate impact throughout production; challenging racism in the fashion industry, championing those they work with and using natural, non-toxic and skin kind ingredients in their clothing - just to name a few. 

Moreover, the love for the perfectly imperfect by the Al-Rubeyi’s is a central element to the Story Mfg brand and is seen throughout their collections - from the shapes of their garments, hand-crafted patterns and weaving. This attitude towards their garments draws emphasis away from the fashion’s self-centred nature and to more important things like the earth and humanity. 

In an interview with the Blamo podcast earlier this year, the couple told Blamo:

“We like stuff that looks comfortable and easy. That’s how we wanna dress. We like craft, obviously, and we love things that looks naive - either naive in the way that it looks a bit kiddy or that its someones first time embroidering. Like old denim jackets that you find in a flea market that someones Nan has embroidered.”

The collection sees signature Indigo dyed shirting and pants, a denim jacket that has been with Story mfg since the brands beginning, hand-dyed and crocheted accessories, as well as their infamous Peace Pants

You can shop the Story Mfg collection here and read more about shopping sustainably here

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