Eden Power Corp Makes Sustainability Cool In Utopian, Grungy FW20 Collection

Environmental-activist goth-kids sipping natural wine dressed in clothing that makes statements about our climate’s future.

Today, it seems like we are inundated with statistics that report the destructive nature of the fashion industry on climate change and ethical consumerism. With the industry contributing to 10% of total global carbon emissions and continuing to pollute oceans with microplastics, it’s only fitting that today’s brands use their platforms to encourage a re-evaluation of the industry and its role in climate change.

Headed by Isaac Larose and Florence Provencher Proulx, Canadian label Eden Power Corp does just that in their collections of garments appropriately dubbed ‘alternatives for a better future’. Manufactured with the intention of using their platform for change and education, the brand creates clothing that is equally as cool as they are productive in cultivating a new generation of environmentally conscious customers.

Eden’s brand values echo closer to cool personality traits than those of a contemporary business. Community activations, natural wines, plant-based nutrition and interests in renewable energy and waste-management combined with a partnership with the Eden Re-Forestation Project are stellar examples of the lived values that EPC encourages in their customers by simply purchasing their garments.

The Fall/Winter 2020 collection takes it a step further by making the topic of ocean acidification and restoration front and centre of the season while simultaneously referring to the 1965 science-fiction dystopian novel Dune; a call to the dystopian future of a waste-land planet.

In essence, what the FW20 collection presents is a fashionable re-conceptualisation of the future of sustainable fashion that opposes the hippie hessian-clad or techy Gore-Tex gorp-core aesthetic that is now synonymous with the industry buzzword of ‘sustainable fashion’. Eden Power Corp’s silhouettes and grunge aesthetic ring closer to a new utopian world-order where goth kids in biodegradable hoodies carrying Nalgene bottles stand at the forefront of environmental activism.

Thanks to the duo, the collection sees a mix of graphic tees with strong messaging and gothic iconography. Their hoodies - plastered with brand-logo graphics come in a unique-slouchy fit with a tight waistband that is equally as stylish as they are durable enough to withstand the labour of saving the planet. The highlight of the collection is the range of black, contrast-stitched shirts, jackets and pants that allude to contemporary underground fashion made from hemp and biodegradable materials.

Novelties like a water-soluble swing tag and a glow-in-the-dark water bottle make this brand as thoughtfully entertaining as they are statement-making. However, it is the attention to detail, from the brand vision to logistics and production of garments, that make Eden Power Corp a fundamentally cool brand. This type of consideration signals the future of what we consider to be ‘cool’ in the evolving fashion landscape.

You can browse through the entire Eden Power Corp collection here.

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