Helly Hansen Archive References 2000’s Outdoor Wear in SS20 Capsule Collection

Inspired by a rich history of technical innovation and the juxtaposition between sport and workwear.

First previewed in January, Norwegian technical icon Helly Hansen has released their first archive capsule for SS20. Dubbed 'HH-118389225-201' or 'Workwear Disrupted', Helly Hansen Archive presents a unique and boundary-pushing take on silhouettes taken from the brands 2000s archive. 

The collection features a mix of traditional workwear-inspired details that emphasise functionality and fuse together elements of the past and present. This union is achieved by blending both traditional industry-standard colour palettes and non-traditional colour palettes and patterns like turquoise and green on their garments. Helly Hansen Archive extends this further by featuring innovative technology such as the Interactive Modular System (IMS) pockets that create a unique and unexpected look while remaining true to the Helly Hansen legacy. 

The 'Workwear Disrupted' theme remains central to the capsule, as the work of creative Paris-based studio 'NO MORE MONDAYS' is seen throughout the bold colours and patterns of the garments. NO MORE MONDAYS was founded by Norwegians Myklebust and Rørstad, whose creative work is rooted in luxury fashion and music. They describe their brand philosophy as the belief of 'being in a constant state of exploration, to stay curious, drive and playful'. Their involvement is a nod to Helly Hansen's Norwegian roots.

The Heritage Rain Jacket features the 'Safety Orange' colour and sea-green pattern designed in collaboration with NO MORE MONDAYS. The jacket also highlights the use of their waterproof Helox fabric technology in an ode to Helly Hansen's rich technological history that put the brand at the forefront of technological innovation since 1940.

Another stand out detail from the HH Archive capsule is the Interactive Modular System (IMS) pockets that frequents all the collections pieces—designed with a unique click.onTM system that uses a special nylon clip double closure system which securely grips onto a range of tool holding modules, the IMS celebrates the functionality to the max. Each pocket bag is designed to be interchangeable on any garment for style or colour preference or worn on their own as an individual accessory. 

Helly Hansen Archive collection is available now at Above the Clouds online or in-store. 

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