Knowledge in a new world: Welcoming Portuguese Flannel

Portuguese Flannel is a brand that is grounded in values of quality, tradition, authenticity, but most of all, sustainability and family heritage. These are the values that Above the Clouds celebrate when it comes to brands, and we excited to welcome Portuguese Flannel in-store and online.

Brothers and owners Antonio and Manuel Magalhães have taken suit in continuing their family legacy of textile manufacturing that has existed in Portugal since their great-grandfather João Magalhães purchased his first textile mill in 1935.

Since then, Portuguese Flannel has developed into a brand that presents timeless menswear shirting with the highest quality fabrics that are equally as old-school in their craft as they are innovative in the way they consider sustainable production methods.

The brothers define their vision of sustainability as “living our values”, where production is not just about themselves, but with consideration of production location and materials. They aim to look at a bigger picture and believe in the quality of their products rather than the quantity that they are made.

Organic and recyclable fabrics
As a part of their longstanding history in the Portuguese textiles industry, the brand has continued to use organic and recyclable material such as cotton, linen, wool and biodegradable fibres such as lyocell. These materials are used to add both comfort, and also reduce toxic chemicals, excessive water supply used in mass textile production.

Made in Portugal
All fabric used in their shirting is designed by the brand and are produced in certified textile Portuguese companies to generate a broader, global knowledge of the Portuguese textile industry and to heighten the regard for its value and authenticity.

Organic buttons
The buttons on all shirts produced by Portuguese Flannel are made with Corozo, Urea or Mother of Pearl Buttons. The choice of these buttons means they can reduce the impact of plastic in the environment while simultaneously producing beautiful, traditional style garments.

Portuguese Flannel is a brand that we highly regard when it comes to their efforts in the production of high-quality menswear shirts and a commitment to sustainability and environmentally friendly practices.

All pieces from the collection can be styled casually, whether it is open with a simple t-shirt underneath, denim and some sneakers. The shirts can also be dressed up with a jacket, slacks and some loafers.

You can shop Portuguese Flannel online or in-store now.

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