Monokel Eyewear Is New-World Simplicity Encapsulated. 

ATC staple sunglass label Monokel Eyewear presents their take on what it means to be a 21st century brand in their seasonal sunglass range.

Based out of Stockholm, Premium sunglass label Monokel Eyewear is a brand that showcases a uniquely simplistic, yet forward-thinking take on everyday accessories. From being crafted to be as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible, to creating designs that exceed the boundaries of gender - Monokel Eyewear is truly a contemporary brand that puts 21st century issues at the forefront of production. 

 As the world takes small steps towards a sustainable future, Monokel takes leaps. Their newly launched ‘Recycled Black project’ was created to reduce waste during production and re-purposed wasted acetate bits from their hand-made production process. 

According to the brand, during the hand-made acetate process, more than half of the acetate created is typically thrown away. Monokel now takes these acetate bits and mixes them with black ink to create their black frames. These now make up over 50% of their total production volume. 

Pictured is a recently launched recycled black River frame from their SS20 collection.

On the same note, at the core of Monokel’s forward-leaning philosophy is their gender-less take on eyewear design. Each frame created by the brand is designed to perfectly fit any wearer who is blessed to wear a pair of Monokel frames. They also present colourways and frame styles that are both simple and minimal, as well as unique and boundary-pushing for every day. The brand describes this sense of duality in their product as ‘mix of simplicity and functionalism, paired with an endless curiosity for the human mind and its need for creative expression’.

You can shop new Monokel Eyewear arrivals here, and read more on everyday accessorising here

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