Appreciation Of The Minimal Form: Exploring the Beating Heart of Paris’ Le Gramme.

Available for the first time at Above the Clouds Store, we welcome Paris’ Le Gramme. A modern and dynamic jewellery brand headquartered at the centre of Paris’ historical Le Marais’ district. Embodying the ever-changing attitude to modern European design, Le Gramme cherishes elegant and timeless design while pioneering innovative and spirited processes with person and environment in mind.

Founded by Erwan le Louër, a graduate of the Esdi School of Industrial design and former lead of the Maison Margiela jewellery license, Le Gramme is the culmination of Louër’s creative vision. Lead by a passion for aesthetics, taut lines and the minimal form.

Taking hints from his time at Maison Margiela and the historically rich landscape of Paris as the home of luxury design, Le Gramme creates jewellery for the architecturally and minimalist minded. Named after each piece’s weight in grams, the brand centres its design around allowing each piece to fulfil its function in its most pure form.

Described as ‘creating their own language’ between the jewellery and its wearer Le Gramme is mathematical and logical in its approach to creating jewellery. This process transforms each production element into a step of personalisation for the wearer - from selecting precious materials to weight and finish. Like a personalised mathematical equation, Le Gramme honours the individuality and humanity of the person and their relationship to their jewellery.

Keeping the human aspect of design at the centre of the brand, Le Gramme describes their commitment to environmental responsibility as the ‘beating heart’ of the brand. Using short supply chains exclusively in France with limited production in Germany, all jewellery is made using up to 80% recycled precious materials, with goals to reach 100% by next year.

You can explore our first collection from Le Gramme here, and discover the rest of our jewellery offering here.

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